Sunday, February 22, 2015

TV 2014

No need to get fancy here.  All the television shows from 2014 that I watched for at least half a season, in order of preference:

1. True Detective (Season 1)
2. Doctor Who (S8)
3. Orphan Black (S2)
4. Community (S5)
5. Sherlock (S3)
6. Ping Pong: The Animation
7. Game of Thrones (S4)
8. Bojack Horseman (S1)
9. Marvel's Agents of Shield (first 1/2 of S2)
10. Archer (S5)
11. Marvel's Agents of Shield (second 1/2 of S1)
12. The Flash (first 1/2 of S1)

Special Mention:  Whit Stillman's pilot for The Cosmopolitans, made for Amazon and still available to watch.  Amazon reportedly ordered several more scripts, but when and if they ever get filmed is still up in the air.  So for now we're left with this charming slice-of-Stillman, perhaps the most visually lovely and rhythmically edited thing he's ever done.


  1. Stephen, this is certainly a banner list of television choices, though I haven't myself seen about half. I am a huge fan of GAME OF THRONES and DOCTOR WHO, and have seen some of SHERLOCK, TRUE DETECTIVE and ORPHAN BLACK. I salute you for such a remarkable mass viewing, especially with your cinematic involvement and various other commitments. The best show I have seen in the past several years is BREAKING BAD. Again, fabulous work here!

  2. Thanks, Sam. I would probably consider Breaking Bad the best show I've ever seen, though I guess I should note first that I've never seen more than an episode of The Sopranos, The Wire, or Mad Men.