Monday, February 23, 2015

If I Gave the Oscars: 2014 Edition

Same premise as the last couple years: these are how I would give out awards to the movies of 2014, if that was a power that I had.  I'm not going to go through all the exact same categories as the Academy Awards, because some of them are just tiresome and others require inside knowledge that I do not possess.  This post is obviously meant to be complementary to my Best of 2014 post, where I listed all my favorites, so I have left out Best Picture nominees here; they would be the same as the top 10 from that post, so no need to list them twice.  

Each category is listed in order of preference, with the first director/actor/etc. being my choice for the winner.  Things should be fairly self-explanatory from there.

Best Director
1. Isao Takahata (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya)
2. Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
3. Christopher Nolan (Interstellar)
4. David Fincher (Gone Girl)
5. Brian Glazer (Under the Skin)

Best Screenplay (Adapted or Original, doesn't matter)
1. Wes Anderson, Hugo Guinness (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
2. Steven Knight (Locke)
3. Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl)
4. Isao Takahata, Riko Sakaguchi (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya)
5. Paul Webb (Selma)

Best Actor
1. Tom Hardy (Locke)
2. Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
3. David Oyelowo (Selma)
4. Michael Keaton (Birdman)
5. Bradley Cooper (American Sniper)
HM: Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler), Brendan Gleeson (Calvary)

Best Actress
1. Scarlett Johansson (Under the Skin)
2. Essie Davis (The Babadook)
3. Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl)
4. Emily Browning (God Help the Girl)
5. Agata Trzebuchowska (Ida)
HM: Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow)

Best Supporting Actor
1. Ethan Hawke (Boyhood)
2. Edward Norton (Birdman)
3. Tyler Perry (Gone Girl)
4. Josh Brolin (Inherent Vice)
5. Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler)

Best Supporting Actress
1. Katharine Waterston (Inherent Vice)
2. Kim Dickens & Carrie Coon (Gone Girl)
3. Agata Kulesza (Ida)
4. Rene Russo (Nightcrawler)
5. Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

Best Cinematography
1. Robert Elswit (Nightcrawler)
2. Daniel Landin (Under the Skin)
3. Hoyt van Hoytema (Interstellar)
4. Emmanuel Lubezki (Birdman)
5. Jeff Cronenweth (Gone Girl)

Best Editing
1. Lee Smith (Interstellar)
2. Kirk Baxter (Gone Girl)
3. Paul Watts (Under the Skin)
4. Barney Pilling (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
5. Gareth Evans (The Raid 2)

Best Musical Score
1. Hans Zimmer (Interstellar)
2. Alexandre Desplat (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
3. Joe Hisaishi (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya)
4. Antonio Sanchez (Birdman)
5. Mica Levi (Under the Skin)

Best Scene (I got carried away here.  There were just too many great ones this year that needed to be recognized!)

1. Docking (Interstellar)
2. Running Away through the Night (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya)
3. Video Messages from Home (Interstellar)
4. Car Chase--Switching Vehicles (The Raid 2)
5. Meeting an Elephant Man (Under the Skin)
6. Time in a Bottle (X-Men: Days of Future Past)
7. Filming a Home Invasion (Nightcrawler)
8. Nick Fury's Car Under Attack (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
9. Shasta's Return (Inherent Vice)
10. The Ski Chase (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
11. Shootout in a Sandstorm (American Sniper)
12. The Big Roundtable Discussion (Guardians of the Galaxy)
13. Heaven Comes to Earth (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya)
14. Filming a Car Chase (Nightcrawler)
15. Tank Attack (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)
16. Final Face Off/Reveal (Under the Skin)
17. Axe-Fight in the Dark (Snowpiercer)
18. When Everything Turns Gold (Under the Skin)
19. Flying (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya)
20. First Confession (Calvary)
21. Christmas with the New Grandparents (Boyhood)
22. What Amy Was Up To (Gone Girl)
23. Nightclub Shootout (John Wick)
24. Call Home Interrupted (American Sniper)
25. The Book Came Back (The Babadook)

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